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Should Your Employees Have Cannabis Certifications?

The cannabis industry is booming!

Legal sales in the United States reached nearly $10 billion in 2018 alone. Considering that only 36 states have legalized cannabis of some form, sales are expected to skyrocket as more states deregulate the once-taboo substance.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, the industry currently employs between 245,000 and 295,000 jobs as of 2020. The U.S. “estimates that total full-time employment in the cannabis space will reach 385,000 to 475,000 workers by 2023.”

While this is exciting, it also means that HR departments will have their hands full combing through thousands of applications to find candidates for open positions.

This is where a cannabis certification can help hiring managers filter through the weeds—no pun intended—and select the right people for the job.

Why Get a Cannabis Certification?

Certifications Demonstrate Hard Work

An application can only tell you so much about an applicant. If you asked your applicants if they are hard workers, most would say that they are to improve their chances of landing the position. A cannabis certification can be used to validate their claim.

If someone has clearly illustrated a willingness to learn and excel through earning a certificate, they are invested in making themselves more valuable. Even more, they will most likely be a better hire than someone who hasn’t.

High Turnover Leads to Higher Costs

According to a study published by the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE), “replacing a worker costs an average of $4000.” This is due to a loss in productivity and morale and an increase in training costs, advertising expenses, and errors made by new employees.

Hiring qualified, certified employees decreases attrition. Remember, they knew what career they wanted and chose to seek out options to get educated on the said career.

Keeps You Competitive

Hiring qualified employees has a direct impact on the performance of your company. In an industry that is lacking in credibility, it’s no secret that subject matter experts (SMEs) give you an edge over your competitors.

Having more SMEs on your team significantly boosts your company’s reputation and increases the confidence that your customers have in your products or services.

Expands your Company’s Network

To obtain a certificate, applicants will likely need to attend classes or seminar of some sort. These classes give members the chance to communicate with others in the industry and exchange ideas that could improve your company’s practices.

Having connections and building partnerships in an industry that is so young could be instrumental for the long-term success of your company. Not to mention, HR would also have direct references available should you need more resources.

Are There Any Downsides to Cannabis Certifications?

While cannabis certifications are great for all the reasons mentioned above, there is one clear downside to them.

Since cannabis is still a federally illegal substance, there are no standards for receiving an education in cannabis. This presents a problem, meaning that the level of difficulty across courses can vary drastically.

For every good training course with a legitimate curriculum, there are bound to be dozens of poor courses hosted by unqualified instructors. This is a problem that will consist until the federal government establishes a general standard for certifications. 

Working in the cannabis industry has its challenges, but having an educated workforce with a legitimate interest in the industry’s health can help your business reach its goals. Having the right system in place for your employees can also be a conduit for productivity.

As the cannabis supply chain becomes increasingly complex, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions like 365 Cannabis come equipped with functionality tailored to fit the unique needs of cannabis business owners. This allows your business to reduce or eliminate manual processes, increase efficiencies, and focus on growth.

If you would like to see how 365 Cannabis can increase your productivity, request a demo to see more!         

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