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Industry-Leading Cannabis Processing Software

Effectively track your costs and maximize your resources

Cannabis processing software from 365 Cannabis is the industry’s best solution for boosting business while adhering to and integrating with today’s complex compliance and reporting regulations. Get the insights that matter, and seamlessly share data with your entire team so that everyone has on-demand access to the trends and metrics that can help drive your business to new heights.

Cannabis Manufacturing Software

Manage Your Production with Ease

Whether you’re looking for a simple or full-blown MRP — or something in between — you can configure routes and recipes to calculate requirements and costs and scale at your preferred pace

Calculate and Plan Work Based on Accurate Costs

Meticulously manage your extractions, consumables, and drying processes with a proven production solution that is already being used by cannabusinesses around the globe. Calculate your true cost per gram and control costs effectively with maximal visibility into your entire supply chain.

24/7 Access

Wherever and whenever, you’ll always have access to your manufacturing and processing data for targeted, growth-focused decision making without any informational barriers standing in your way

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Bill of Materials (BOM) and Scrap

Keep a comprehensive inventory of raw materials, assemblies, parts, and components

Robust Bin Management

Assign bin numbers to materials, parts, and products to improve production scheduling

Master Production Schedule (MPS)

Always know what, when, and how much to produce based on production capabilities

Work in Process (WIP)

Effectively manage your production costs while materials are still in the production process

Automated Inventory

Set criteria for reorder points to accurately track costs and prevent product shortages

Multi-Location Inventories

Manage multiple inventories in separate facilities for real-time production and transparency

Item Recall Traceability

Quickly identify defective products and trace them back to their original source

Vendor Management

Effectively manage your vendors to control costs, track inventory, and drive service excellence

Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Gain insight into every aspect of your operaiton to improve performance and reduce errors

Extensive Real-Time Reporting

Quickly generate detailed reports and dashboards to monitor your operations in real-time

Data-Driven Analytics

Transform your data into meaningful insights for informed decision making

Multi-Location Management

Manage all of your locations effectively from your inventory to your people to scale with ease

Streamline your production processes

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