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Complete Cannabis Accounting Software

Fully integrated cannabis accounting software so you can keep all of your financial records connected in one single and simple solution

We’ve created the industry’s most comprehensive cannabis reporting software so that you can manage all of your business’s financials in one centralized location. From seed to sale, use our marijuana software tracking and accounting solution to monitor spending, ensure compliance, and maximize the green you get out of every grow.

Cannabis Accounting Software

Easily Perform Intercompany Transactions

Eliminate transactions occurring between your subsidiaries and easily consolidate financial statements

Manage Your Budget and Increase Profitability

Know where your budget stands at all times to properly allocate resources and attract investors

Tax and Duties

Gain control over your taxes and duties to ensure that you are always operating within compliance

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Centralized Financial Management Solution

Wishing that there was a better way to monitor, track, and visualize your company’s finances? Well now there is. Cannabis accounting software from 365 Cannabis is fully optimized for the marijuana industry, providing an audit-ready system that you can rely on to manage your books.

No matter your role or your long term goals, our specialized tools are ready to go to work for you, providing a complete end-to-end solution that provides all of the information — and all of the insight — your business needs to keep moving forward.

Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Gain insight into every aspect of your operation to improve performance and reduce errors

Extensive Real-Time Reporting

Quickly generate detailed reports and dashboards to monitor your operations in real-time

Data-Driven Analytics

Transform your data into meaningful insights for informed decision making

Multi-Location Management

Manage all of your locations effectively from your inventory to your people to scale with ease

There’s never been a better time to make your mark in the marijuana industry. And at 365 Cannabis, we’re fully dedicated to providing your business with innovative tools that promote impactful growth from seed to sale and beyond.

With our cannabis financial software, you can improve efficiency on all fronts, all while strengthening your client partnerships and digging into all of the data that you need to boost your ROI and turn green into green. Integrate 365 Cannabis accounting software with our other module-based tools, or link it up with your existing business software platforms for an all-in-one solution that’s perfectly optimized for your needs.