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Cultivation Software at its best

Everything you need to grow, all in one place

There’s nothing easy about managing a successful grow. That’s why our team at 365 Cannabis has created marijuana cultivation software that can scale as you do, with essential tools that can take you from seed to sale — and beyond. Request a demo of our marijuana cultivator software today!

Cannabis Cultivation Software

Effectively Forecast

Record granular details on the growth of each genus and strain for precise planning

Scale with Certainty

Accurately predict the effects of operational changes to enable your business to scale

Optimize Performance

Increase your crop yield, reduce waste, and oversee your team’s workload all on one mobile system

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Cannabis Cultivation Worker

Manage your entire grow operation:
from plants to processes to people

Looking for cannabis grow software that can do it all? From planning to processing, our module-based system helps take the guesswork out of your grow production, including full-batch tracking management so that you can see your entire operation at a glance. 

Equip your business with all of the tools and processes you need to manage your cultivation in one, single system equipped with traditional cultivation software features such as:

  • Mobile Cultivation and Work Order Management
  • Space and Labor Planning
  • Tissue Culture Management
  • Yield Forecasting

Cannabis reporting and analytics made easy

With powerful reporting tools, your management team will be able to make data-driven business decisions to stay in front of the competition.

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Marijuana Grow Software

Integrated Cannabis Cultivation Software

We’ve designed our marijuana grow software with world class functionality that allows you to excel throughout every level of your organization

Exceptional Cultivation Planning

Plan your cultivation production forwards or backwards to meet your inventory demands

Area and Space Management

Gain insight into long and short-term capacity to increase productivity and efficiency

Activity Management

Assign and register your growing tasks per employee and track their performance

Work in Process (WIP)

Effectively manage your cultivation costs while materials are still in the cultivation process

Automated Inventory

Set criteria for reorder points to accurately track costs and prevent product shortages

Multi-Location Inventories

Manage multiple inventories in separate facilities for real-time production and transparency

Item Recall Traceability

Quickly identify defective products and trace them back to their original source

Vendor Management

Effectively manage your vendors to control costs, track inventory, and drive service excellence

Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Gain insight into every aspect of your operation to improve performance and reduce errors

Extensive Real-Time Reporting

Quickly generate detailed reports and dashboards to monitor your operations in real-time

Data-Driven Analytics

Transform your data into meaningful insights for informed decision making

Multi-Location Management

Manage all of your locations effectively from your inventory to your people to scale with ease

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