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Stay ahead of ever-changing legislation

Hanna Shanes

Chief Compliance Officer

Shanes has a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as a high-level appreciation for the crucial nature of compliance in cannabis. She and her team of regulatory analysts and compliance experts seek to consume, interpret, and take action on rapidly changing regulations to ensure necessary modifications to 365 Cannabis are performed in real-time.

Hanna Shanes - Chief Compliance Officer

Compliance is Key

In this ever-changing fast-growth industry, 365 Cannabis understands that compliance is key. With this in mind, our team includes compliance topics in checklist protocols throughout delivery to assist your organization. This ensures system setup meets full-scope compliance requirements for your area of operations. Where a regulatory tracking mandate exists, 365 Cannabis personnel will help you understand your reporting options. In cases where integration to the regulatory tracking system is an option, 365 Cannabis will facilitate integration so that dual entry is minimized and efficiencies are realized.


We support a number of multi-state operators and have configured our regulatory integrations to ensure that your organization can operate in states with different mandatory reporting systems and still seamlessly funnel financial information according your organization’s structure.











Keep Up

Our compliance team works tirelessly to stay on top of regulatory changes that may impact your system configurations so that modifications can be made or business processes created/changed to ensure compliance. Going international? We’re familiar with the localizations required to configure our base product for international markets and are already tracking regulatory environments abroad; let’s discuss your plans and whether our product may be the best fit for your growing organization.



Crucial Benefits


Receive constant updates as legislation and regulatory environments change.


Multiple market-specific configurations will not affect your organization’s financial accounting structure.


We are committed to facilitating full-scope compliance wherever you are and wherever you want to go.


Hosting in Microsoft Azure assures the environment is HIPAA compliant.

Manage Compliance with 365 Cannabis

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