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Streamlining Cannabis Business Reporting with Business Intelligence Tools

Typically, cannabis businesses are focused on producing accurate management reports quickly to meet critical deadlines or real-time demands.

Cannabis Business Reporting

Finding the right reporting solutions for your cannabis business

Many are asking, “What solution can help us automate tasks to free up time for analysis and activities that enable company growth?”

Such is the case for most cannabis operators looking to reduce the time it takes to produce reports, but without the prohibitive cost of most BI solutions on the market. Brian Cissell, Senior Solutions Architect for 365 Cannabis shares his perspective:

“The growth of any cannabis company creates a tangible need for improving reporting efficiency and achieving better use a team’s resources,” explains Cissell.

Other companies are limited by access to scarce programming talent or the IT resources needed to create reports. For instance, some turn to the help of developers to produce custom reports. This process to create a series of reports for senior-level managers can take five to six days each month, taking up valuable time at a steep cost.

Most cannabis businesses don’t have the luxury of a long wait time for critical reports and data.

Automated Reporting

Take advantage of built-in and integrated reports

When looking for a solution to alleviate these challenges, time-to-value should be a primary consideration. It is easy to find the return on investment with a solution that saves precious resource time nearly immediately by offering a seamless integration with your cannabis ERP software and tools you already know how to leverage, like Excel.

The results with this approach speak for themselves. On average, reports that used to take 5 to 6 days to create, can now be generated in under an hour. That’s over 99% time savings.

“365 Cannabis offers a variety of standard reports as well as integrations into powerful and affordable Jet Reports and Power BI. Our goal is to provide valuable, quick-to-generate reports that allow an executive team to spend less time briefing developers to design reports and more time making important business decisions,” describes Cissell.

Reporting shouldn’t be a full-time job, and with built-in, Jet Reports, and Power BI it doesn’t have to be. Not only does integrated reporting free up valuable resources, but also enabling better insight into operations and trends for more proactive and profitable decisions.

“These reporting tools increase accuracy and save immense amount of time,” says Cissell.

Allocating Resources

Leveraging your people and cannabis ERP software

You may be surprised to find that your company probably already has the right mix of people and technology in place to successfully implement a BI and reporting solution that solves the problem of time-consuming and bottle-necked report generation. This is especially true if you select a solution that is built to work right out-of-the-box with your cannabis ERP software system, such as 365 Cannabis, that is also made for finance professionals who already know and love Excel.

In summary, there are different solutions available to help not only improve, but streamline all of your reporting. However, by using BI and reporting solutions specifically made to work immediately with, and for, existing systems and established employees, you save valuable time and money. This eliminates the need for long, complex implementations and maximizes productivity immediately.

See what powerful reporting can do for your business by starting a conversation and requesting a demo today!