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cannabis consulting

When starting a cannabis business or growing an established enterprise, it’s important to monitor and adjust to ever-changing regulations, ensure best operating procedures, and identify business-critical gaps. These tasks are ongoing and can be daunting for even the largest teams.

No matter what stage you’re at with your cannabis business, you may want to consider a cannabis consulting firm.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 cannabis consulting companies in the US to help you realize your business’s true potential. 

Best Cannabis Consulting Companies for Your Business

Indiva Advisors

With more than 25 years of experience, Indiva Advisors is the leading accounting firm dedicated to the cannabis industry. Indiva is operated by passionate professionals, the majority of whom are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), all bringing a wide array of skills and knowledge. They have assisted business owners and c-suite executives in achieving their goals by guiding tax and general business matters.

Bridge West

Since 2009, Bridge West expanded to more than 400 cannabis and hemp clients nationwide. Their CPAs and advisors have guided hundreds of US and international cannabis businesses through a very challenging business and regulatory environment. From minimizing the effects of IRS 280E, to inventory management, and preparing audited financial statements, Bridge West’s services address the industry’s most unique and ever-evolving issues. Their team of more than 100 professionals provides clients with the full support they need to start, manage, and grow a successful cannabis business.

3C Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting

Leveraging a deep understanding of all areas of cannabis operations, 3C™ helps clients grow in more ways than one. 3C™ Consulting helps clients design, build, start, and optimize cannabis businesses from initial assessments and planning through operationalization and ongoing management. Their services are tailored to meet the unique goals and objectives of each client. Because 3C™ is aligned with core values related to social, environmental, and economic principles, their clients and their communities prosper in all areas of cannabis operations.

Higher Yields Consulting

Higher Yields Consulting is a marijuana consulting firm that has been successfully serving the commercial cannabis industry since 2008. HYC has developed exceptional garden management systems, business processes, and technical skills as its cornerstone. The company was developed with these components and has maintained its integrity by providing industry expert consultants who have unique combinations of business and professional expertise in the industry. HYC has proven over time to be one of the best options for marijuana businesses seeking assistance and advice in this highly competitive industry, from garden management to business development and most anything in between.


Point Seven Group (Point7) ​is a tenured, global, cannabis consulting firm. Point7’s world-class team of experts, with direct hands-on experience in the regulated cannabis industry, is known for agility, speed, and exceptional service. The company’s success is measured by that of their clients, whether that’s winning licenses, creating global brands, or expanding operations into new markets. They create a custom roadmap for each client, delivered with high-touch service to ensure their clients hit every milestone, in every market, every time.

American Cannabis Company

American Cannabis Company offers premier end-to-end a la carte consulting solutions for those wishing to commence or improve operations within regulated markets. Over the years, ACC has worked with many client groups, vendors, and partners. The firm has assisted a multitude of clients in winning cannabis business licenses throughout North America, demonstrating a deep understanding of regulated cannabis industry business licensing and facility operations. ACC has also worked with clients to improve process and facility operations in an effort to maximize profitability via its suite of operational management services.

Canna Advisors

Canna Advisors is committed to seeing cannabis businesses succeed. Helping new businesses launch and established businesses grow, Canna Advisors are a dedicated investing, advocacy, and mentoring partner in the cannabis industry. They help cannabis entrepreneurs win business licenses, optimize facility design, standardize operations, and maximize business development. No matter the task, Canna Advisors are passionate about making cannabis the next great American industry.

Emerald Elite Consulting

Emerald Elite Consulting senior cannabis consultants are master gardeners who bring 20 years each of individual experience from California’s Emerald Triangle, the heart of American cannabis innovation.  With EEC, you and your investors will gain access to decades of cultivating experience and best practices developed to ensure the production of clean, high-quality cannabis with consistent and impressive yields. By taking advantage of their network of cannabis experts and innovators, you will tap into an unparalleled depth of industry expertise with a hands-on consultancy approach.

Next Big Crop

Next Big Crop is a dedicated group of passionate and seasoned cannabis experts with decades of collective expertise devoted to license procurement, facility design and construction, systems engineering, equipment, and materials sourcing, management, and compliance. NBC’s mission is to impart their experiences to the next generation of operators so that they can provide cannabis lovers with the highest-quality flowers, infused products, and retail experiences available anywhere in the world.

Green Worx Consults

Standard work, operating procedures, quality management, and continuous improvement are important to a business’s ability to be nimble in a rapidly changing marketplace.  Green Worx methods of project management and continuous improvement methods are the same used by companies such as Toyota, GE, Verizon, and Amazon to decrease cycle time, eliminate defect, waste, and rework. This allows Green Worx’s clients to build quality into every process successfully.

Reach Your Cannabusiness Goals

There are hundreds of cannabis consulting firms in the US, each of them with different benefits, strengths, and knowledge bases. Identifying the one that will work best for you and your team will depend on your location, areas of need, and of course, budget. No matter where your business is today, there is a cannabis consulting company that can help you reach your goals.

A great cannabis consultant will arm your cannabis business with best practices, improved processes, and industry-leading technology. Request a demo with 365 Cannabis today to see how ERP can improve your cannabis business.