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Cultivation License and Cannabis Laws in Canada

Canada made a name for itself by becoming one of the first countries to legalize cannabis on a nationwide scale, but this doesn’t come without certain compliance laws and cultivation license requirements that must strictly be followed. Here, you can learn all there is to know about marijuana compliance in Canada, including specific grow laws and required licenses.

Marijuana Compliance in Canada

Canada’s Cannabis Act has created a strict, legal framework for controlling the production, distribution, sale, and possession of cannabis across Canada. Marijuana and cannabis producers may be individuals or corporations, each of whom may conduct activities given they are properly licensed and such activities fall in accordance with compliances detailed within them.

Cultivation Laws in Canada

The Cannabis Act provides the framework for legal access to cannabis for adults, and therefore controls and regulates its production, distribution and sale. Under this framework, a person is required to obtain a license issued by Health Canada to conduct various activities with cannabis. These license classes and subclasses include:

  • Cultivation (including micro and standard cultivation or nursery)
  • Processing (including micro or standard processing)
  • Sale for medical purposes

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How to Get a Canadian Cultivation License

Follow the Cannabis Licensing Application Guide for information regarding the exact specifics for gaining a Canadian cultivation license. You must get a license from Health Canada in order to:

  • Grow cannabis for sale (on a large or small scale, or for starting materials such as seeds or plants
  • Make cannabis products (on a large or small scale)
  • Sell cannabis for medical purposes
  • Complete cannabis testing
  • Complete cannabis research

Types of Canadian Licenses

The Cannabis Licensing Application Guide also explains the varying license types and individual requirements, which can be anything from:

  • An analytical testing license
  • A research license
  • An industrial hemp license
  • A cannabis drug license

Each license requires varying compliance laws per application, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with each specific type, and have an understanding of which ones you should acquire first, if applying for multiple licenses.

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Marijuana Compliance Software For Canada

At 365 Cannabis, we stay on top of compliance with integrations into state & country regulatory systems. As an ACMPR Compliance Software, we offer compliance solutions and checklist protocols throughout delivery to assist your organization. In cases where integration to the regulatory tracking system is an option, 365 Cannabis will facilitate integration so that dual entry is minimized and efficiencies are realized.

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