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Maine Cultivation License and Marijuana Laws

Maine allows both recreational and medical marijuana and regulations permit licensees to operate as both under certain permissions

Typically, for example, a cultivation operation will be able to operate as both recreational and medical as long as the operations are generally separated and easily tracked.

In Maine, there are many marijuana licenses, including multiple cultivation tiers, multiple product manufacturing tiers, testing facilities, and dispensaries. 

Maine Cultivation Laws

Maine Cultivation licenses are segmented out by Tier level, and each Tier dictates how many plants a cultivator is legally allowed to have.

Growers can apply from Tier 1 to Tier 4, and if they are strictly a medical grower, then typically, the operation is similar to a Tier 1.

The operations range by square footage:

Tier 1 can only have about 30 mature plants, or a canopy, up to 500 square feet and a Tier 4 can have up to 20,000 square feet.

The surface area is measured using the outside boundaries of the area considered “plant canopy.”

Tier 4 licenses can renew their licenses every two years, and they are allowed to apply for a 7000 square footage increase with every renewal. 

How to Get a Maine Cultivation License

Someone looking to apply for a cultivation license in Maine must also not be an owner or indirect stakeholder in three or more other cultivation licenses or a cultivation operation with over 30,000 square footage.

Cultivation application fees are $100, and the operation itself for a Tier 1 cost as low as $9 a plant as prescribed by the plant Tier 1 limit or $250 for the entire plant canopy.

Maine regulations also charge separately for indoor versus outdoor operations where indoor operations tend to be a higher price ($17 a plant or $500).

When you apply to become a Maine cultivator, you should expect the application fees and plant canopy fees, and for them to increase with the Tier level, you apply for.

There are also cultivation excise taxes you will pay once your operation gets up and running. Excise taxes on cultivation are by the pound and plant part and are paid each month.

Maine cultivation laws

Types of Maine Grow Licenses

Tier 1 licenses are allowed up to 500 square feet for plant canopy or 30 mature plants. This is the lowest level of cultivation license and is suitable for medical and recreational growers. Applying for a Tier 1 license will range from outdoor to indoor pricing: $9-$17 a plant or $250-$500 and an initial $100 application fee.

Tier 2 licenses are allowed up to 2,000 square feet of plant canopy. Applying for a Tier 2 license will range from outdoor to indoor: $1500-$3000 and a $500 application fee.

Tier 3 licenses are allowed up to 7,000 square feet of plant canopy. Applying for a Tier 3 license will range from outdoor to indoor: $5000-$10000 and a $500 application fee.

Tier 4 licenses are allowed up to 20,000 square feet of plant canopy. Applying for a Tier 4 license will range from outdoor to indoor: $15,000-$30,000 and a $500 application fee. 

Marijuana Compliance in Maine

State Tracking System

All marijuana in Maine should be adequately tracked and recorded so that state regulators and auditors can easily understand it. Records are to be kept for five years in accordance with regulations.

All other marijuana tracking rules are subject to the state tracking system, Metrc. All inventory, transfers, and changes in marijuana products should be recorded and kept in the Metrc system to ensure the integrity of a marijuana business in Maine. 

Third-Party Integration

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