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Vermont Cultivation License and Marijuana Laws

Vermont Cultivation License and Marijuana Laws

Vermont’s marijuana program is open for medical patients only and is overseen by the Marijuana Registry created by the Vermont Department of Public Safety.

Vermont Cultivation License

Patients that have an approved medical condition, as outlined by Vermont’s list of approved medical conditions, then they can apply for access to prescription cannabis.

Dispensaries dominate the industry in Vermont. Vermont defines dispensaries as facilities able to acquire, possess, cultivate, manufacture, transfer, transport, sell, and dispense medical marijuana.

Since Vermont does not issue separate Vermont cultivation licenses for dispensaries to grow or manufacture, dispensaries typically have multiple locations for their differing operations.

Dispensaries can grow, sell, and produce infused products with approval by the Department of Public Safety, which gives them the flexibility to offer the most effective medicine for patients.

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Vermont Marijuana Laws for Growers

Vermont marijuana laws restrict consumption to approved medical patients. Accordingly, there are strict regulations on marijuana Growers and distributors, and who can obtain a Vermont cultivation license.

All patients in Vermont have to designate a dispensary that they regularly pick up their prescription, which allows the dispensaries to adequately grow and plan for the demand.

Marijuana dispensaries in Vermont that are also Growers are only allowed to cultivate up to 28 mature and 98 immature marijuana plants at one time.

If there comes a time that the dispensary’s designated patients exceed 14, then the cultivation operation is permitted to expand to meet the needs of their patient pool. They will be allowed to cultivate and possess two mature plants, seven immature plants, and 4 ounces of usable marijuana per patient they have registered.

Types of Vermont Grow Licenses–Focused on Deliveries

Transport for cannabis means the movement of cannabis products from registered growing locations to their associated dispensaries and from dispensaries to registered patients.

Delivery services help patients obtain the medicine they need without having to go into the dispensary. Vermont dispensaries may elect to have a delivery as long as the department approves the procedures. Deliveries would be from dispensary to patient or caregiver and would include products such as cannabis and cannabis-infused.

Vermont Marijuana Laws

Obtaining a Vermont Cannabis Cultivators License

State Tracking System

As of right now, Vermont is not contracted with a state mandatory seed-to-sale marijuana tracking system such as Leef, BioTrack, or Metrc, but they do have an online portal coming soon that will track their patients and prescriptions for the state (Virtual Vault).

Their program is still fairly small, but there are some special reporting standards dispensaries still have to follow to maintain their Vermont cultivation license. For this reason, it’s important dispensaries maintain a robust and reliable system of record.

Dispensary applicants are required to prove a variety of procedures, processes, and standards they hope to upkeep when they receive a license. Factors include ongoing proof of record-keeping, inventory, quality control, and security measures.

An efficient inventory management system should be used to track inventory. Items that are required to be tracked include clones and seeds, hemp products, immature and mature plants, culled plants, harvested plants. Also, any other plant material including packaged, infused products and related material, and any waste or disposals.

Vermont also requires sufficient records for patients in compliance with HIPAA, security records, and delivery records such as name, date, ID numbers, time, and product information.

Third-Party Tracking

If you plan on tackling Vermont’s medical marijuana market, don’t expect the lack of a state tracking system to give you a break.

Vermont still expects dispensaries to have all records available and using a system such as 365 Cannabis to manage your operation no matter how big or small can be extremely beneficial and efficient.

Whether you plan on cultivating, dispensing, delivering, or manufacturing, we have you covered and can ensure your records are safe and easy to access for authorized personnel.

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