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Modern Cannabis Distribution Software & Inventory Management

Effectively manage your supply chain from top to bottom

At 365 Cannabis, we’re here to help you add innovation and efficiency to the way you manage your supply chain, with the latest in cannabis distribution software fully optimized for your business and for the industry. You’ll get everything that you need to simplify your stocking process, plus targeted solutions for tracking inventory, fulfilling orders, ensuring compliance, and so much more. Can your current cannabis supply chain software do all that?

Cannabis Distribution

Optimize Stock Replenishment

Automatically create purchase orders based on sales and demand forecasts

Effectively Manage Your Inventory

Accurately track all of the cannabis and non-cannabis items in your inventory

Run Your Business Anywhere

Mobilize your business with a consistent experience across all Windows, Android, or iOS devices

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Automated Inventory

Set criteria for reorder points to accurately track costs and prevent product shortages

Centralized Location Management

Optimize your locations and reduce overhead costs of shipping, labor, and spoilage

Item Recall Traceability

Quickly identify defective products and trace them back to their original source

Vendor Management

Effectively manage your vendors to control costs, track inventory, and drive service excellence

Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Gain insight into every aspect of your operation to improve performance and reduce errors

Extensive Real-Time Reporting

Quickly generate detailed reports and dashboards to monitor your operations in real-time

Data-Driven Analytics

Transform your data into meaningful insights for informed decision making

Multi-Location Management

Manage all of your locations effectively from your inventory to your people to scale with ease

Begin seamlessly managing your inventory

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