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365 Cannabis and C15 Solutions, Inc. (“C15”) Expand ERP Functionality with eQuality Management and Compliance

LAS VEGAS AND OAKVILLE, UNITED STATES AND CANADA, December 2, 2020 — 365 Cannabis, the leading cannabis ERP software, and C15, the number one eDocument Control, Compliance Training, HACCP and Quality Management solution (C15eQMS”) for the global cannabis industry, today announced their dual integration and partnerships.

The new integration offers cannabis companies increased functionality and optimization providing complete end-to-end operation, compliance, and risk management platform. This bundling offers an end-to-end risk management and compliance platform for the global cannabis sector, combining two of the best solutions in the market via seamless integration.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, 365 Cannabis delivers an ERP solution specifically tailored to the challenges and requirements of the cannabis industry. Integrating with best-in-class, cannabis-specific solutions, like C15 eQMS 365 Cannabis provides the most robust ERP on the market.

“365 Cannabis is the industry leading ERP software and through partnerships, such as the one with C15 we are able to provide an unparalleled bundled software solution with quality management and compliance across the entire supply chain.”

Michael Kiehn, Chief Revenue Officer at 365 Cannabis

C15 is considered the number one eQMS for the global cannabis space. Offering quality event management, configurable workflows, robust audit trails, asset management, and customizable dashboards and reports, C15 is transforming quality and compliance in the global cannabis sector.

“Quality management and compliance are the top priorities for cannabis, producers, brands, cultivators and processors. C15’s partnerships with leading software providers, like 365 Cannabis, merges critical functionality and data seamlessly in one source of truth.”

Sean Samuel, VP of Sales and Marketing at C15

Together, 365 Cannabis and C15 are revolutionizing the cannabis technology space with a similar dedicated customer focus, unparalleled service levels and when bundled and integrated it allows our joint customer base to be “best in quality class”.

To learn more about C15 visit, and to learn more about 365 Cannabis, visit

Developed by the NAV People Inc., 365 Cannabis is an ERP software solution for the legal marijuana industry. The innovative technology is one of the top end-to-end cannabis solutions on the market seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The software is tailored to the challenges and requirements of the cannabis industry under one system.
365 Cannabis is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, E Bridger Avenue, Suite 400.
Visit, call 1-888-609-6766, or email

C15 is the technology partner for Veeva Systems, Inc. ( C15eQMS is the Veeva Vault QualityOne platform used by more than 650 + of the world’s leading science and consumer packaged goods companies.
C15 is the leading globally accepted, by regulators, solution for having GPP and GMP control over the production processes, quality events and continuous training required by all jurisdictions. Full language support in more than 100 countries and a roadmap that delivers three upgrades per year from Veeva Systems and more than 1 per month from C15.
Visit, call 1-416-899-3406, or email