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The Importance of Cultivation Management in Cannabis Product Manufacturing

The business of cannabis product manufacturing is a highly competitive industry, with everyone looking for ways to increase efficiency, drive productivity, and boost profits, all without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

Perhaps one of the best ways to gain an edge over the competition is to find ways to improve cultivation. Cultivation entails tracking every aspect that affects the cannabis growing process, from the weather down to the nutrients in the soil, and then analyzing the resulting plant data to make improvements to your cannabis cultivation management process.

Obviously, this is no easy undertaking, and choosing to manage your cultivation manually can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Not only that, it leaves your cannabis operation vulnerable to human error and possible compliance issues. For that reason, many cannabis manufacturing companies are turning to cannabis ERP software that has built-in features that allow companies to track and manage the cultivation process down to the minutest detail.

In this article, we will explore some of the challenges faced by cannabis manufacturers and how enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help address those issues, particularly when it comes to growing cannabis.

The Challenges of Cannabis Cultivation Management

As anyone who’s ever cultivated legal cannabis before can attest—it’s a sensitive plant. The type of climate, the amount of sunlight, and the right kind of nutrients must be carefully balanced to produce a high-yield crop of high-quality cannabis.

But how do you know what the perfect balance is? And what do you do if you’re dealing with multiple cannabis strains and staggered harvests from several suppliers (possibly in different states)? Just staying compliant and keeping up with all the data can be exhausting enough; forget about analyzing it and implementing new strategies.

By not utilizing that data to track the ideal conditions for the growth of the cannabis plant, however—adjusting light cycles, harvesting techniques, moisture content, and nutrient application—companies with a cannabis manufacturing license are doing themselves a great disservice, letting money go to waste and allowing their peers to get a leg up in this highly competitive industry.

The Benefits of ERP Software for Cannabis Manufacturing Companies

When you’re in the business of cannabis product manufacturing and working with multiple suppliers, investing in software to manage the growth process from seed to sale and handle the enormous amounts of data is essential. Even better is when you can pair that with cannabis-specific ERP tracking software with built-in cultivation management tools that give manufacturers access to real-time data and analytics.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of utilizing cannabis ERP software to manage the cultivation process:

  • Improve plant quality – By tracking and analyzing the growing process, you can more consistently produce higher-quality cannabis
  • Harvest more raw material – In the same vein, you’ll also be able to increase crop yields
  • Avoid overspending during cultivation – Calculating the exact volume of nutrients and fertilizer needed, for instance, cuts down on supplemental expenses, while precisely managing energy consumption can lessen utility bills.
  • Data collection for traceability initiatives – This comes in especially handy for later production processes like product labeling and packaging.
  • Full integration with legal compliance systems – The major benefit of choosing a cannabis-specific ERP platform over general manufacturing software for cannabis cultivation management is that it integrates seed-to-sale technology for total traceability, allowing the detailed crop data to be used both for profit purposes and to validate compliance with state cannabis laws.  

Optimizing Cultivation Management With 365 Cannabis ERP Software

No matter what types of cannabis manufacturing licenses you may possess, if you’re searching for cannabis grow software that can do it all, from managing plants to processes to people, 365 Cannabis has a module-based system that takes the guesswork out of cultivation and includes full-batch tracking management to give you a bird’s eye view over your entire operation.  

With 365 Cannabis ERP software, your cannabis product manufacturing company can: 

  • Optimize Performance – Reduce plant waste, increase cannabis crop yield, and manage your team’s workload in one system
  • Forecast More Effectively – Recording the granular details on the growth of every plant and strain allows for more precise planning
  • Work In Progress (WIP) – Manage cultivation costs while materials are still in the cultivation process
  • Scale with Confidence – When you can accurately predict the effects of operational changes, you can scale your cannabis business with certainty.

365 Cannabis knows that there’s nothing simple about managing successful growth. That’s why we’ve designed our cannabis ERP software with all the tools that you’ll need to track your cannabis products from seed to sale. Visit our website for more information, or request a demo today!