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Start With The Right Software

While technology may not be top of mind in an agricultural-based industry such as cannabis, superior software is the backbone of any cannabis operation’s success. Prior to regulation, cannabis operators were forced to operate in the background, but now have begun to adapt technological advancements from mainstream industries. Cannabis operations now must comply to more OSHA regulations than prohibition-era operators could have ever imagined and along with that comes opportunities to not only expedite the necessary processes to run a cannabis business but also leverage platforms to ensure compliance across that business. In addition to the aforementioned OSHA regulations, localized markets have their own compliance standards to ensure the safe processing and distribution of cannabis products. The line of success in this field is a thin one and relying on the correct software in the first place can keep operators from ranking in last place. Selecting the correct software is seminal for cannabis operator’s success and starting with the right software first is key.  

New operators have the benefit of a clean slate, and while that may be daunting it is truly leveraged to make the right decisions now rather than having to make them after mistakes, closures, or any other issues that may arise. We appreciate new operators who are looking to build not just one element of a cannabis business but are looking at the future and are developing a larger business enterprise within the cannabis industry. This means identifying partners who are looking to develop vertically integrated operations across multiple states. For new operators, we always suggest exploring an ERP solution first to implement it across multiple teams across the organization. ERP solutions tie in multiple business functions into a singular platform with a single account manager support system for all operations. Building a successful business begins with finance and reporting and then expands into retail POS, distribution, cultivation, and manufacturing processes. From there, additional functionality and data points can be identified to best be leveraged by the business operator to achieve their goals.  

ERP solutions with add-on modules leave room for growth, both immediate and long-term. The cannabis industry is in a unique place as of now with some of the first wave of operators falling off and leaving room for more seasoned mainstream business operators to establish their own cannabis group. A major takeaway from mainstream retailers is, of course, relying on an ERP to truly align their enterprise across all operational touchpoints. This step has certainly been skipped by some operators and now as the industry shifts, they are being left behind scrambling between multiple platforms to accomplish simple processes that would have been seamless with an ERP.  

The correct ERP solution is excellent for beginning a new business but can also support operators who are making the shift from a platform they have outgrown into a platform that can sustain their growth.  Even if a current operator is utilizing a current POS system that they are satisfied with, there will always be new ventures to explore and new verticals to integrate into a cannabis program. Through the pandemic, the industry unexpectedly was forced to pivot to utilizing curbside click and collect as well as home delivery to sustain their business. Currently, the industry is exploring opportunities in the consumption lounge vertical and in the coming years more and more verticals are sure to be integrated. ERP systems that are rooted in not only integrating all current processes but also integrating future processes for ensured growth are a surefire way to sustain success in a shaky industry.  

The core value of an ERP system, such as 365 Cannabis, is integrated functionality built for success today and accommodating enterprises for tomorrow. ERP systems have been trusted by mainstream business for decades and this practice will only translate to future success and growth for any operator. ERP solutions are the right software to invest in- and we offer free demonstrations of how we can integrate all operations into one simple subscription. Click here to request a demo and connect with a live ERP expert today.