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How ERP & MRP Drive Growth in a Stable Market

With any cannabis business, both vertically integrated and not, there are an incredible number of services that need to be aligned to ensure compliance and appropriate business practices. One of the best ways to leverage labor is to keep your team empowered with the right tools for success so they can focus on what they do best. Specific to the cannabis industry, the right platforms keep your team’s projects within compliance regulations and avoids unnecessary fines or penalties. If you’ve found yourself in an infomercial moment saying “There’s gotta be a better way!”, well that’s where we come in. 

365 Cannabis and other ERP and MRP systems reduce redundancy, expedite processes, and remove opportunity to fall out of compliance. Now that the cannabis industry is beginning to stabilize and brand affinity is booming, cultivators and retailers and everyone in between has the opportunity to solidify their spot in the landscape of their local cannabis market.  

A major pain point for cannabis groups is ensuring compliance across the board for all teams involved. From cultivation to intake to extraction processing to retail sales. At every single step of working with medicated cannabis product, there are opportunities to mess up so monumentally the entire business license may get revoked. Not to add to the current spooky season, but those are some seriously scary stakes. With the industry shaking out brands and groups that weren’t cut out to last, ensuring that your business’s future is rock solid is more important than ever.  

With the correct ERP in place, POS systems accurately track all movement of medicated product and a seasoned system that has already endured growing pains reduces the risk of system failures, discrepancies, or even systems going dark for periods of time. A major risk factor with system groups that are not as established or are running on different servers is that if one goes down, it may create a major roadblock for all aspects of business. Without a working POS system, without being able to connect to METRC, with just the failure of one platform, the entire business could collapse or overlook potentially license-losing errors.  

Now that the market has found itself in a more stable place for the foreseeable future, aligning and streamlining all platforms reduces redundancies, eliminates the potential for error, and becomes a labor saving opportunity. ERP and MRP solutions reduce risk and empower teams to focus on building their brand authority and earning loyal customers. For a market that is finally finding its’ footing, solutions that eliminate redundancies and put a halt to hazards are worth their weight in green and gold.