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Metrc in Oklahoma: What You Should Know About This New Tool

With the implementation of Metrc in Oklahoma, the means for seed-to-sale tracking has taken a dramatic shift for cannabis business owners throughout the state. On Feb. 25th, 2022, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) and the Oklahoma County District Court reached an agreement allowing Oklahoma’s seed-to-sale system to move forward with Metrc, lifting the initial restraining order that initially blocked the system’s implementation.

So, what does this decision mean for cannabis business owners in the state, and how can you get started on your transition? Here are the steps for a smooth transition, as well as other pertinent information regarding the new law.

Is Metrc Required in Oklahoma?

All cannabis business owners and medical marijuana commercial licensees in the state of Oklahoma now have until Thursday, May 26th, to transition over to the new system, when it will then be required by law. To facilitate the implementation of Metrc, Oklahoma officials have released a series of key dates and information regarding the transition:

  • February 25th – OMMA reaches an agreement allowing Metrc to move forward as Oklahoma’s primary seed-to-sale system
  • May 26th – Oklahoma Metrc Deadline. All Oklahoma cannabis businesses and dispensaries must be compliant with Metrc
  • May 27th – OMMA plans to focus the bulk of its enforcement authority on businesses that are not yet compliant with Metrc
  • August 24th – Dispensaries and cannabis businesses must sell or legally dispose of all products in their inventory that are not tagged by Metrc

How to Transition to Metrc in Oklahoma

To begin your onboarding process with Metrc in Oklahoma, here are some key steps for you to follow to provide you with a smooth transition:

Getting Started

  1. Familiarize yourself with Metrc, and consider watching training videos to get an idea of where to begin.
  2. Consider reading Metrc “101: How to Keep Your Dispensary Compliant”, if the program is entirely new to you, or you’re semi-unfamiliar with the system.
  3. In order to complete Metrc’s “New Business Training”, a license owner or key administrator is required. This license owner will receive their first-time login for a Metrc account and must log in within 48 hours through the Metrc portal.
  4. Request Metrc plant tags, package tags, and other UID tags. The current rate that Metrc charges is $0.45 per plant tag, and $0.25 per package tag. Tags will take 1-2 weeks to arrive.
  5. Add employees to Metrc software and ensure that all permissions correctly match each employee’s position.
  6. Document physical receipts of requested Metrc UID tags, then assign and apply the UID tags to your cannabis products.
  7. Access the “Beginning Inventory Guide” in the Metrc portal, which outlines steps to enter initial plant/package inventories into your system.
  8. Add Strains, Items, Zones, and Rooms to Metrc, which must be made prior to creating any plantings/plant groups or packages.

Best Seed to Sale Software Oklahoma

Looking for a smooth transition into Metrc in Oklahoma? At 365 Cannabis, our seed-to-sale and cannabis compliance software helps you keep track of the evolving cannabis regulations between states, as well as worldwide. Our cannabis ERP software consists of six core modules built specifically for cannabis production, which can either be used in their entirety for a complete enterprise solution, or individually to be added on as you scale.

We understand the importance of compliance at 365 Cannabis. As part of our module-based system, we offer compliance solutions and checklist protocols throughout delivery to assist your organization. In cases where integration to the regulatory tracking system is an option, 365 Cannabis will facilitate integration so that dual entry is minimized and efficiencies are realized.
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