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Do You Need a Cannabis Compliance Manager?

Cannabis compliance has quickly become a hot topic in the industry.

Those that are successful often relate their continued success to their avid compliance and continued value of current regulation. Compliance seems to be what has really given the cannabis industry life since legalization and what differentiates good businesses from great businesses. 

Cannabis compliance is important because cannabis regulation differs across all states, throughout Canada, and in other places in the world. Every unique area has a unique set of rules: legal limits, facility requirements, patient procedures, and best practices.

Having a dedicated cannabis compliance manager and/or a compliance department can help keep your business in the best shape in the case of an audit or regulatory visit. 

Why You Need A Cannabis Compliance Manager

Reason #1: Sporadic Changes

Keeping up with legislation is already a tiresome process, but keeping up with the ever-changing cannabis legislation (especially in the states) can be a monster of a task.

The cannabis industry has been known to be volatile for many reasons, but the legislature happens to add to the chaos. States and local jurisdictions typically have fluctuating opinions and ideas on how to regulate cannabis properly, and often “emergency laws” become effective at unpredictable times.

You will want a compliance manager and team that regularly monitors the legislation of each specific location of your business. 

Reason #2: Knowledgable and Trained Personnel

Your operation may encompass a small handful of employees or more employees that you can count, but either way, you will want them trained in compliance because the more personnel you have, the more risk you have for non-compliance.

It is an operational benefit to have a compliance manager on board to help direct and mitigate risk as well as oversee relevant processes and procedures.

The first step is ensuring you have effective and complete processes and procedures. The second step is having a team dedicated to overseeing compliance with them. These processes and procedures are how you can prove to the federal, state, provincial, or local authorities that you are running a compliant operation.

The actions your employees take at work are a reflection of the effectiveness of the processes and compliant measures you have taken to have a successful business.

Reason #3: Multi-State or Multi-Country Operations

Whether you already have multi-location or multi-state operations or plan on growing your operations to be so, you will want to consider the utmost importance of having a cannabis compliance manager and/or related personnel.

Having a team that can manage and oversee rapidly changing regulation as well as get in contact with regulators on short notice is the most effective way to maintain your cannabis compliance.

Multi-location operations can be particularly demanding with compliance because you have to ensure all your tools, processes, and personnel are compliant based on location and organizational expectations. It can be challenging to streamline your expectations across your organization when compliance stipulates different requirements in different areas. 

How the Right Software and Compliance Go Hand-in-Hand

Compliance is an ever-changing component of the cannabis industry and plays a role in all portions of your cannabis business. When it comes to choosing tactical partners and implementing pertinent software, the compliance conversation only grows. 

365 Cannabis understands and strictly focuses on the cannabis industry, ensuring that our ERP solution is specifically tailored to handle the intricacies of any cannabis operation in any location despite the unique regulatory distinctions. 

Request a demo to see what 365 Cannabis can do for your cannabis business.

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