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Cloud-Based Technology, Remote Access, and Digital Traceability

With COVID-19 declared a pandemic and businesses encouraged to implement unprecedented levels of remote operations, cannabis businesses are quickly realizing their level of preparedness and having to make drastic adjustments in real-time.

Cloud-Based Technology, Remote Access, and Digital Traceability Provide an Opportunity for Cannabis Operators in Response to COVID-19

From the first market to the rapid expansion of legalization globally, cannabis industry plant touching companies have been operating at full speed to keep up with the market share race and rapid growth of the industry. As COVID-19 brings uncertainty and global markets to a standstill, the booming industry now has an incredible opportunity to slow down and increase productivity, refine processes, and evaluate business critical tools.

“Now, more than ever, cannabis companies are taking steps to empower their employees to stay safe and work at home. Introspectively, they’ll have to look at their current situation and evaluate their current traceability, remote access, and where their data is hosted,” stated Michael Kiehn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at 365 Cannabis.

Cloud Hosting

Cannabis businesses hosting their business-critical information with on-prem solutions face extreme limitations that can result in loss of productivity. Cloud hosting provides an unmatched advantage for cannabis businesses continuing operation off-site with maximum accessibility. Cloud hosting not only gives businesses the ability to deploy, but also to operate regardless of location.
Cannabis businesses currently implementing or operating on an ERP platform should be evaluating how their service providers are accommodating their needs during remote operational times. Where most platforms have the option to be cloud hosted, most ERPs are lacking in their remote training, support, and deployment. This can be a huge blow to production, but a great indicator that it is time to evaluate other solutions to prevent slowdowns or stops in service in the future.

Extensive Traceability

It is likely that if there is an incident of COVID-19 in a facility there will be mandatory recalls on products to avoid any health risks. Digital, complete traceability of products and people through the supply chain to pinpoint where an incident occurs allows plant touching companies to mitigate risk and potential under or over-reaction due to lack of information.
While many are scrambling to continue operation and plan for uncertainty, cannabis businesses using the 365 Cannabis ERP solution are business as usual and even ramping up, taking advantage of the time and resources available for extra training and business process planning.

Remote Access

“Companies using 365 Cannabis are able to maintain operations during this unprecedented global emergency while mitigating risks through our complete remote methodology. From inception, 365 Cannabis has successfully trained, implemented, and supported our customers completely remote. For operations without a cloud-based solution, now is when they should start implementing these tools,” explained Kiehn.

PharmaCannis, a multi-state license holder and vertically integrated cannabis company, has been using 365 Cannabis software for more than a year.

“We have been well equipped for a situation like this for over a year. 365 Cannabis allows our team to reduce contact across operations and increase automation and workflow efficiency. Having cloud-based access was crucial to expediting our remote transition, maintaining cash-flow, and minimizing downtime,” explained Mike Chodil, Chief Strategy Officer at PharmaCannis.

The cannabis industry has a unique opportunity to take a step back and evaluate their current business processes and what tools are available to prevent slowdowns in the future.

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