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Why You Need an Cannabis ERP Business Management System in 2022

As the Cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly both domestically and internationally, the need for a cannabusiness to use a proper enterprise resource planning software, or ERP business management software, has become more crucial than ever. The growing popularity of the industry has come with plenty of ongoing regulation and traceability standards among the cultivation, production, and distribution of cannabis and cannabis infused products on a nationwide scale. To ensure that these critical components are met, and that all business facets are operated smoothly and efficiently, consider 2022 as the perfect time to upgrade to a new ERP business management system. 

The inner workings of any cannabusiness can easily get thrown off by constantly changing laws and regulations, and keeping track of the whole operation during these changes only grows more difficult as a result. So what is Cannabis ERP? It’s the solution that combines industry compliance with a fully-integrated software system that scales as you do. But as any business should know, no software lasts forever, and 2022 is set to bring some spectacular upgrades over pre-existing ERP softwares for cannabis companies.

How to Identify an Outdated ERP System

While an ERP software is sure to help any business increase overall efficiency, productivity, growth and cost savings, knowing how to identify an outdated ERP system can be a challenge. Here are some key indicators that your ERP software for cannabis may be in need of an upgrade:

  • Lack of Functionality and Scalability – Older business solutions often require a number of add-ons or manual workarounds to manage increased volumes of transactions, leading to higher costs and more inefficiencies. The reports of these outdated systems are also process-specific, and not fully encompassing like they should be. Making strategic business decisions is easier with company-wide data and real-time reports on finance, scheduling, purchasing and sales.
  • Unreliable Data – Businesses that utilize multiple processes and procedures often have more difficulty accumulating relevant data among all operational components with an outdated ERP system. For cannabusinesses, bad data can result in compliance issues or costly recalls, so an upgraded ERP system can help properly track all relevant data for every process with complete efficiency.
  • Lack of Operational Capabilities – As a cannabis company becomes more complex, outdated ERP softwares won’t have the capabilities to accurately track costs, labor, audits, and other critical components of a successful cannabis operation as they expand.

Why Do We Need an ERP System Upgrade in 2022?

As a result of the increasing significance of the cannabis industry, any scaling business should immediately consider upgrading a pre-existing system to stay up-to-date with any and all resource planning implementations. ERP business management

  • Financial data, considered the cornerstone of a true ERP system
  • Cultivation, to forecast, plan, track, and register your plants throughout the cultivation process
  • Processing, to help configure routes, and to calculate requirements and costs for maximum profits
  • Distribution, to ensure you always have the right supply for your vertical integration seed to sale operation
  • Retail, with built-in POS designed specifically for dispensaries, which enable users to manage and fulfill patient and recreational orders

Making the Upgrade

The 365 Cannabis ERP system is an optimized solution for bringing more green to your business, with functionality specifically tailored to the unique requirements of the cannabis industry. Our mission at 365 Cannabis is to provide a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for cannabis cultivators, producers, distributors and dispensaries that allows users to maximize efficiency, promote growth, and ensure compliance.

We’ve made it our promise to listen to the industry, and evolve our technologies with purpose. If you are in need of an upgraded ERP software system for cannabis, look no further than 365 Cannabis for a fully-integrated experience. For more information regarding our services, or for any questions or comments, contact us today.