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What to Consider When You’ve Outgrown Your Generic ERP

For any cannabusiness, being faced with an outgrown ERP (enterprise resource planning) system can be stressful, especially without some sort of idea on which best seed to sale software is right to replace your current one. The significance of a proper seed to sale ERP system for a growing business cannot be overstated, and it’s crucial to know the ins and outs of these softwares to ensure a strong foundation for company goals, needs, and potential expansion.

What is Cannabis ERP?

With the rise of marijuana legalization spreading rapidly throughout the United States, many cannabis businesses are now on the hook to find the right technology to efficiently run any to all facets of their company, from sales, inventory, payroll, data, compliance, and many other critical elements. So what is a seed to sale software system? It’s a tracking process to record everything regarding your cannabis growing, processing, and selling operation. Cannabis ERP softwares provides an easy solution to combine seed-to-sale functionality with back-office features to run all of these facets efficiently. Businesses use these seed to sale ERP softwares to gain much needed insights into operational performance, identify areas of improvement, provide automation, and reach local and state regulations as they arrive. 

What to Consider

There are many things to consider when looking into a new cannabis ERP system, from company specifics to general ease of use.

  • Business needs/what previous software lacked – Identifying key business needs is perhaps the first step any company should take when considering a new software. A great way to kickstart this process is by determining some of the discrepancies and inefficiencies caused by your current system. By highlighting your company’s workflow and business methods, and finding ways the previous system failed to contribute efficiently to these features, you can create a comprehensive list of requirements to prioritize the new technology.
  • Ease of use/implementation – Knowing who will be using this new software can help in the long run, so managers and employees can be kept in the loop and help in the evaluation of potential solutions. Ease of use can also go a long way, especially when implementing this new system. Be on the lookout for software training access for employees, so implementing the new system can be smooth and effective.
  • Business size and future growth – It’s hard for a company to know what their future holds in terms of size and growth. But any small to medium sized company with some idea of future expansion should be aware of software scalability, and how this new chosen ERP system coincides with a growing business.

Choosing the Right Software

365 Cannabis provides comprehensive software solutions designed specifically for cannabis cultivators, producers, distributors and dispensaries that allows users to maximize efficiency, promote growth, and ensure compliance. We are committed to helping any company grow, by offering targeted cannabis business solutions optimized for the industry, including vertical integration software that scales as you do. With modules available for every cannabis operation, we can help you evolve with a purpose, by providing world-class software, support, and resources needed to run an efficient, compliant business in an unprecedented high-growth industry.

Learn more about our story to discover what makes us the #1 choice for cannabis and seed to sale ERP softwares. You can also contact us for any questions, or request a demo to see how we can provide your growing business with the best-in-class technology and service.