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What Is Cannabis Manufacturing Software and Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Platform?

A grand component to any successful cannabis company is the proper selection and implementation of cannabis manufacturing software. But, how do you decide which of the many available platforms is the right one to use? There are many different cannabis manufacturing softwares, but finding the one that is right for your business really comes down to your company needs, your employees, and the types of services you are providing.

Cannabis manufacturing software provides seed-to-sale functionality for hemp and cannabis companies. This platform records and reports required information to state systems while simultaneously collecting valuable insights for your business. Whether it’s managing inventory and production, recording necessary data for compliance, or monitoring entire seed-to-sale supply chain activities, cannabis processor software saves time and increases transparency for any licensed cannabis operation. Choosing one, however, is an important decision, and can jeopardize money, time, and resources if not considered correctly.

How to Choose a Marijuana Processor Software

Adopting and implementing new cannabis software requires time and resources, but fortunately, these seed-to-sale solutions can stick around for a long time once a company is trained with the proper software. Since features may greatly vary between the many software providers available, the decision must be driven by operational needs and objectives. Some important factors to consider when choosing the correct cannabis processor software include:

  • Ensuring your system has real-time data, and tracks the entirety of your operation
  • Easy to establish standard operating procedures (SOPs), so unexpected company or personnel changes don’t result in any downtime
  • Compliant with operation objectives, and backed by support (software training or support services if issues arise)
  • Uniquely suited to how you do your business, with the ability to integrate with the other parts of the seed-to-sale process (inventory management, report creation, data leveraging)

Other Types of Cannabis Processor Softwares (ERPs)

Enterprise resource planning is ideal for expanding hemp and cannabis companies to provide the proper collection of information. Hemp processor ERPs and cannabis processor ERPs are software platforms that bring together finance, CRM, distribution, cultivation, processing, retail, and compliance under one system,enhancing a company’s efficiency, productivity, and scalability. While generally found in bigger and well-established organizations, cannabis ERP solutions are designed for the industry, manage large quantities of data, and are extremely effective in managing and monitoring mid to large scale operations.

ERP Seed-to-Sale Solutions With 365 Cannabis

365 Cannabis delivers a complete ERP cannabis solution for any hemp or cannabis operation with unparalleled service and support. Our cannabis manufacturing software is the industry’s best solution for boosting businesses while adhering to and integrating with the many complex compliance and reporting regulations. We offer C-Suite solutions such as supply chain visibility, data-driven analytics, multi-location management, and extensive real-time reporting.

Our extensive inventory and warehousing solutions include:

  • Automated inventory – set criteria for reorder points to accurately track costs and prevent product shortages
  • Centralized location management – optimize your locations and reduce overhead costs of shipping, labor, and spoilage
  • Vendor management – effectively manage your vendors to control costs and track inventory
  • Item recall traceability – identify defective products and trace them back to their original source

Functionality is key when choosing the correct cannabis manufacturing software, and at 365 Cannabis, our goal is to deliver the most robust ERP for all of your operations. For more information about our software solutions, or for any general questions, contact us today.