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7 Ways to Maximize a Seed to Sale Tracking System

Most cannabis organizations have invested a lot of time and money into seed to sale tracking systems, yet many aren’t satisfied with the functionality and value.

To maximize the benefit from your current seed to sale tracking system, it may help to take a step back and examine how your people, processes, and system could improve.

After evaluating your current situation, you ultimately might decide to implement an ERP system. Although this sounds like a draining task, there are ways to maximize your seed to sale tracking system in the short-term while setting your new cannabis ERP up for success.

Make the Most of Your Seed to Sale Tracking System With These 7 Tips


Every employee that will be using your seed to sale tracking system must receive thorough training. Hands-on training that is, ideally, conducted by your software provider is crucial to maximizing your return. Check with your software support team to see what ongoing trainings they can offer your current and future employees.

Dedicated Resources

It is critical to make sure that someone in the company is trained as the system “guru”—the go-to person for onsite questions and troubleshooting. This person can answer general questions, help find solutions, and relay important information back to the vendor. 

Having a dedicated resource within your company ensures that common questions are addressed company-wide, operations are not halted while waiting on your software vendor, and employees are not going against standard operating procedures.

Process Mapping

Establish process maps to ensure consistent data entry, easy training, and accessibility. Documentation written by your software provider is great for basic how-to refreshers but will be generic to functionality.

Keeping your own updated documentation that includes your companies’ best practices and operating procedures ensures that information is not forgotten or lost when someone leaves the company. The information can be easily shared with other employees.

Future Proof

Once your people and processes are in place, it’s time to evaluate the system itself.  While your seed to sale tracking software may be housing your data properly, is your vendor updating the system to meet current and future cannabis industry needs?

ERP vendors invest heavily in consistently improving their solutions with consistent functionality improvements, service packs, and various updates that allow users to benefit from emerging technologies, evolving regulations, and industry best practices. If you’ve invested in seed to sale but haven’t received updates, ERP can future-proof your cannabusiness.


As the cannabis market matures, companies that can’t scale are quickly becoming stagnant or worse, closing shop. One of the easiest ways to ensure your business is ready to scale is ensuring your software supports growth.

Can your seed to sale software handle more than one state or country compliance tracking system? Multi-location? Multi-language? Multi-currency? Tax code? If your business is expanding, but your software is hindering growth, it may be time to check out ERP.


The core of your seed to sale software tracking system should house all business-critical functionality. Integrations are useful as add-ons, but should not be relied on for core business activities. Standard cannabis operations, such as cultivation, processing, inventory, and retail should be built into the core of your seed to sale tracking software.

This is where ERP comes into play. Cannabis specific ERP houses a built-in financial system, standard seed to sale functionality, and the ability to customize the system to your unique requirements.

Measure ROI

Seed to sale software is an investment with direct and indirect ROI. To ensure you are getting the most out of your system, it is important to identify time and money savings, job function and process improvements, and overall growth.

Invest in a Practical Seed to Sale Tracking System

Implementing the above best practices can help cannabusinesses ensure they’re getting the maximum value from their current seed to sale tracking system.

However, fixes to your current system may not resolve issues with functionality, scalability, and overall growth.  If a new system is the better option for your business’s needs, the above steps will help you implement and build a solid foundation and future-proof your new cannabis ERP system.

Contact 365 Cannabis today if you have any questions about maximizing the value of your seed to sale tracking system or would like to see the unmatched benefits of cannabis-specific ERP.

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