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The Power of Customization

“…you generally spend 80% of your time on 20% of the project.”
-Joseph M. Juran


Software personalization in the workplace can make all the difference in adoption and use. It can help take a complex set of tasks and turn it into an intuitive process flow.

People are bombarded with massive amounts of information almost constantly, and while some of that is out of our control, you can remove some of the unnecessary noise from you and your employees by choosing options that allow you to personalize the user experience quickly and easily.

The pareto principle, or the 80/20 rule, describes the relationship between causes and effects. Basically, 80% of your outcomes are likely come from 20% of your input. This observation has become wildly popular in the business management world, but how does your team focus on that small percentage of what’s really important? You can start by taking an active approach to the information that gets through to you on the programs you use at work by personalizing the user interface (UI).

Personalization can help your team focus on the 20% that’s going to impact the largest chunk of your day to day and give you virtual blinders so you can hone in on those important tasks that are likely to provide the largest return on your time investment.

Software personalization can take a lot of forms such as:

  • Customization
  • Configuration
    • Customizable UI
  • Integrations
  • And more

How this applies to ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools are often massive systems designed to track and trace every step of large organization’s day to day operations. Any individual will probably only use a fraction (maybe 1/5th?)  of the features that are available in an ERP. Getting to those “vital few” in a standard ERP can be like trying to find a reliable news outlet in 2019 (too soon?).

Custom software can come with a high price tag. We live in a time where anything is possible, money talks, and time is money. But there are ways to get a personalized result quickly and for less cost than traditional customization.

How 365 Cannabis empowers you with personalization

365 Cannabis is an ERP dedicated to helping your cannabis business run smoothly. We provide a robust core product and an ever-growing network of partners and integrations to help meet all your needs. The 365 Cannabis product is configurable, out of the box, to give individual users a personalized UI with all the most important information front and center on their home screen.

We’ll be honest. You probably won’t use every feature 365 Cannabis has to offer. Our system was designed to fit almost any need that any cannabis business owner, across multiple states and countries, might have. We give you the ability to personalize the UI for every user so that they can focus on what really matters from day one.

Interested in configuring your UI in 365 Cannabis? Check out this video to get you started.

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