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How Vertically Integrated Cannabusiness Operators Benefit From The Right ERP Software For Cannabis Production

As the marijuana industry continuously grows as more states legalize the substance, cannabusinesses must ensure that production remains on track, profitability is still being achieved, and cash flow is managed effectively. To accomplish these important tasks, companies and businesses now require sophisticated ERP software for cannabis production and sales management.

As the marijuana industry matures, we’ve seen more and more capital being shelled out towards ensuring functional efficiency and long-lasting success, instead of development and research and creating a market share.

Our ERP software for cannabis production management will help companies improve their operations and save money while ensuring that they remain fully compliant across different legal jurisdictions. 

Marijuana ERP Software

Marijuana ERP software is an application that connects every area of a Cannabusiness in a consolidated common database.

It comprises multiple modules that deal with particular business requirements such as accounting, order management, sales, project management, manufacturing, human resources, inventory, and more. 

The ERP solution weed software works as a comprehensive solution that merges vital seed-to-sale functionality along with desperately needed back-office traits to run all operations successfully. 

This means ERP offers all the necessary tools and equipment needed to manage customers and financials, produce precise reports, track sales, and manage inventory from seeding to eventual sales.    

ERP Solutions for Medical Marijuana

For marijuana cultivators, distributors and processors, ERP allows operators to obtain significant changes, enhance inventory management, optimize the supply chain and seek areas to minimize waste.

Here’s how the software can help your Cannabusiness:

  • Waste Reduction

Often, regulatory compliance can impede sustainability efforts. However, if marijuana operators have access to advanced technologies to monitor supply chain operations and predict usage, they can minimize waste. 

With enhanced visibility, cannabis operators can determine areas that require betterment by auditing the supply chain from first to last. Issues will likely turn up in sections of over-buying or over-production of materials due to improper forecasting. Fortunately, with the help of cannabis ERP software, you will not have to make critical business decisions based on instincts. 

ERP software allows operators to track materials as well as demand; plus, it helps them practice lean production (also called lean manufacturing). Using the system data, cannabis operators try to eliminate:

  • Over-production of products, which are not ready for sale
  • Delays that lead to blockages or waste
  • Unutilized products and materials placed in the storehouse 
  • Inadequate workplace layouts, causing so much time to move around
  • Defects caused by poor quality management  

ERP allows marijuana operators to emphasize lean manufacturing, optimize efficiencies, streamline quality, and minimize costs to reduce waste for sustainable operations.

  • Inventory Management 

With the help of cannabis ERP software, operators can even monitor individual stocks across various locations, including retail locations and warehouses. This helps them gain complete visibility into their supply chain process as they shift from wrapping to inventory, delivery, retail, and ultimately into the customer’s hands. 

  • Supply-Chain Optimization

The effect of the marijuana ERP solution on the supply chain can be substantial, especially when trying to achieve a more viable operation. 

  • Demand & Planning

ERP software can deduce demand automatically once orders fall in. It simplifies the supply chain process by making efficient job scheduling. This way, you’ll have complete visibility of the resources that are consumed. 

  • Procurement

With cannabis ERP software, you can have adequate means to supervise and control the supply and procurement of services and goods throughout the chain. 

ERP looks out for all components under the supply-chain management, from managing production and inventory resources to handling execution and transportation processes. 

  • Production

Cannabis ERP software allows “Bill of Material BOM” for all items. Once production begins, every record for labor resources and machines are made and updated timely. All activities are documented with ERP software to ensure proper supply-chain process, increase efficiencies, minimize carbon footprint, and eliminate errors. 

Ready to Better your Supply Chain?

Our cannabis ERP software has six modules, including financials, cultivation, processing, CRM, distribution, and retail. Browse our site to learn more today, and please contact us with any questions you may have.